We keep your business up-to-date

maintenance and management services

After creating a website or an online shop, the next step will be focusing on the maintenance services, which play a very important role for any website. By the maintenance services we understand updating the platform and the modules and also creating and cleaning the content.


Why are updates so important for your website?  Nowadays we are in a continuous evolution and platforms and their modules are also developing. So if you want your website to be clean, with no errors or bugs and to function in normal parameters, then you need these monthly updates. itSet is offering you services for both maintenance and server matters.

we are offering:

  • Updating the content, images or any other info from the website
  • Creating new pages and updating the services
  • Adding new or modifying the existing graphical elements
  • Modifying the website design
  • Adding new products, categories or subcategories for the online shops
  • Checking the website errors
  • Monthly/Weekly backups both online and offline
  • Updating the modules and the extensions
  • Updating or adding new functionalities and technical assistance
  • Managing the Server/cPanel