Graphic Design

Web elements, logos, wallpapers and many more ...

The Graphic Design

People are biologically programmed to look for a sense and a model in everything they see. Fortunately, we can manipulate this by creating an efficient and full of effects design.

The role of graphic design is to communicate different clues to its user, subtle, by combining words and visual effects. Graphic is practiced for thousands of years and its role is to transmit more detailed and precise information, using a colorful and vivid manner.

We,  at itSet, are trying to express through our design, ideas and thoughts, impossible to express through words, a design that creates a bond between user and website.

Logo creation

The logo is an essential element for a business’s image because it symbolizes and reflects in a unique manner the business’s essence.

Designing a logo requires a combination of complex design abilities, creative theory and practical experience. Any designer can create a specific logo for a certain use, but combining the creative part with the client’s necessities requires time and experience.

Our designers have a vast experience and we are offering complex services for the elaboration and creation of your business logo, both online and offline.

Branding and visual identity

We think that the brand is the base of everything we create here at itSet. We are building solid foundations, respecting the values, the offers and clear vision of the brand and we can assure that everything we are building here will flourish. The first impression of your brand is our duty.

There are a lot of agencies ready to create an image to promote your business, but what we are doing different is that we are trying to understand the psychology of the integrated design as an important part in the creation process.

Branding doesn’t mean only the way a business or a product looks, but also about what it makes you feel and today’s visual culture requires feelings. We totally believe that feelings create real brands.